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who we are


Health Technology Integrators

Committed to identifying and integrating advanced technology into health care, making it more efficient and accessible in Australia. We will focus on identifying complementary TEST & TREAT technology.


Connecting the System

We are creating a seamlessly integrated health care ecosystem, facilitate the swift transfer of medical device data to care providers and offer specialist insights for accurate interpretation.


Empowering Equity of Access

Focused on revolutionising health care by extending reach beyond traditional settings, ensuring effective solutions right at the point of need.

what we do

Technology Sales


Distribution of medical device technology (includes the "Flagship" NeuroCatch technology and support services.

Patient Care Advice


We further differentiate ourselves by providing clinical advice for results derived from medical devices.

Connectivity Services


Our connectivity solutions at CXDX efficiently link medical devices and clinicians and their record systems, ensuring swift and secure transmission of vital health data.



Leveraging decades of healthcare expertise, CXDX's consultancy services keep us attuned to industry challenges, ensuring our solutions remain relevant and impactful.

If you’d like more information about what we do, get in touch today.

our strategy

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Start with NeuroCatch sales and support services

Add in connectivity and clinical result advice services

Add new products

Expand into new regions

Develop a technology-enabled health network starting with Brain Health (powered by NeuroCatch) and expanding to other key areas of need (sepsis / cancer).

what is the NeuroCatch?

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